To many, a chiropractor and physiotherapist are more or less the same medical professional. But for individuals who know a bit more about these professions than the average person on the street, they will inform you that there are major differences between the two. Furthermore, there is a lot of debate as to which of these professions are a better option for alleviating certain types of pain than the other. Professionals in both of these specialties uphold their occupations and feel that the one they do in is the best. Of course, almost everyone will laud their specialty because that is their source of income. This results in a lot of confusion in the general public. This guide will shed some light on this issue and help you make the right choice when you wish to seek help for your problems.


Clearly, there are certain parallels between these two fields. Both chiropractic and physiotherapy professions focus on treating joint and spine problems to reduce pain, increase movement and durability and also assist patients to reacquire full function. They are likewise drug-free methods of therapy hence both are holistic in nature. The essential variation between the two services is that normally, a chiropractor uses manipulation method while a physiotherapist will usually work with mobilization techniques to treat the same condition.

Chiropractors; what do they do?

To understand the differences, we should look further into what each specialist does or is licensed to do. Chiropractors readjust the spine and joints using their hands where they notice there is restricted movement. Their aim is to remedy misalignment of vertebrae or joints. They perform gentle and precise manipulation techniques to help patient’s body to operate as it used to do prior to the trauma or sickness. They use a vast range of manipulation methods to manage the spine and joints because of specialized training and practical experience. The intention of chiropractic treatment is to make it easy for you to move with ease and without sensing pain. A chiropractor uses palpation and visual inspection to conduct a diagnosis. They also rely on x-rays to make a diagnosis. Chiropractors manage a range of afflictions such as tension and head related headaches, neck pain, low back pain, extremity joint disorders, neck-related dizziness, and sciatica.Physiotherapists; what can they provide for you?

Physiotherapists; what can they provide for you?

A physiotherapist, on the other hand, will use a wide range of massage and manipulation techniques, exercise, and electrical therapies to treat patients to heal joints and bring back movement. I feel that I must point out here that sometimes the term physiotherapist has been used interchangeably with a physical therapist but in the US, there is a minor difference between the two. Studying for a physiotherapist career takes more years than studying to become a physical therapy professional, and a physiotherapist’s function is more complicated than that of a physical therapist.

Ideally, physiotherapists deal with a wide scope of afflictions and their practice also encompasses a lot more practices than chiropractors. A proficient physiotherapist should have appropriate proficiencies to manipulate the spine, teach core stability activities, use IMS needling or acupuncture treatments, carry out muscle release technique, help clients work on their posture and balance or develop an exercise routine that is customized to them. Several of the conditions that they can treat incorporate repetitive strain injury, ligament and tendon damage, sciatica, back and neck pain, arthritis, sports injuries and cartilage and inflammation in joints.

How to decide which one you should choose for your needs

It is advisable to go to your family doctor or nearby physician and have them recommend a chiropractor, physiotherapist or both. This is given that you might not have ample knowledge about who is more suited to manage your problem and end up going to the wrong doctor and aggravating your situation. If you do not desire to go to a healthcare professional for advice, you should be sensible and realize that there are good and bad professionals in every area and these two disciplines are no exceptions.

There are physiotherapists out there who will just attach you to machines and leave you alone. It is also not uncommon for individuals to complain of getting injured by chiropractors. Due to this fact, you must be careful who you go to find treatment from because your body is delicate and should only be handled by specialists. One thing that you should do to avoid finding yourself in that unpleasant situation is to research thoroughly on the qualifications and experience of the chiropractor or physiotherapist that you plan to visit before you even step a foot into their clinic.
Knowing the functions of chiropractors and physiotherapists can help you decide whose services you should seek when you have muscle or spinal problem. If you have soft tissue problems, joint or muscular problems that might be causing pain and restricting your movement you should think about seeing a physiotherapist and if your back and joint feel sore, stiff and locked and no medication seems to be helping, a chiropractor will be your best choice.

In conclusion, neither profession is greater than the other. Both a chiropractor and physiotherapist serve a specified and crucial purpose in assisting patients heal and regain mobility. It all depends on which kind of problem you are suffering from and who can treat you the best.